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About us

ABM Truck Driving School is a truck training academy, focused on providing services in a creative and modern way to all students. ABM Truck Driving School will stand out in the community for its up-to-date technology, and by providing services based on the future demands of the Trucking Industry. ABM Truck Driving School will strive to provide drivers capable of bridging the gap between supply and demand of long-haul truck driving. We are a Registered Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

We strive in teaching our students the knowledge and the practical driving skills and the top driving techniques needed to safely prepare them for their future endeavors (Careers) on the road ahead. ABM Truck Driving School will grow to be a viable school and will put competent smart drivers into the workforce. ABM Truck Driving School takes pride in teaching commercial truck driving and is focused on empowering students with practical driving skills. We will provide students high quality and professional training in a comfortable environment in order to make them confident in their abilities on the road and move ahead in their careers.

Core Values

  • Service: We work hard to provide an inviting environment for our customers and serve them in the move efficient way possible.  
  • Sustainability: We wish to use technology to connect with the people of the advancing times, working with our customers to produce their own inspired creations and update as the technology around us advances. We preserve our collective future. 
  • Community Contribution: We are committed to contributing to society through our products and funding and increasing our involvement in other social opportunities.  
  • Courage: We are bold in charting a new course in high quality education.
  • Innovation: We drive innovation and creative enterprise
  • Health & Well-being: We nurture the health and well-being of our communities


Jaspreet Singh Khalsa is a certified Instructor. He is highly experienced and goes out of his way to understand students, and their different needs; as no two students are alike. It will be his goal to provide one-on-one training and keep a flexible schedule to further meet his student’s needs, as per their availability and schedule. Jaspreet Singh Khalsa is a certified Air Brake Endorsement Instructor. He will be teaching the Air Brake Endorsement (Z) course and AZ and D Class License Training. at ABM Truck Driving School. ABM Truck Driving School Inc will be adhering to the curriculum and regulations standards set by MTO.

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